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The hydraulic transmission oil is the working oil and lubricant of the hydraulic torque converter and transmission. It must be kept clean. There must be no dirt, moisture and impurities in each oil circuit and housing. The oils of different brands must not be mixed, and the oils produced by different manufacturers of the same brand should not be mixed. Different hydraulic transmission has different methods to check the oil level. Some use a measuring rod to measure, and some use an oil level plug or a small plug to measure. When checking the oil level, ensure that the mechanical vehicle is flat and the oil temperature is the normal operating temperature. Clean the surrounding area of the oil level plug before removing it. If the oil level does not reach the specified position, it shall be supplemented in time

(2) keep the vent clean

when the water content of the vent on the hydraulic transmission device, such as nylon 610, is 3%, it must be checked one by one frequently and cleaned if necessary. If the vent hole is blocked, it will cause excessive concentration of oil and rapid oxidation of oil to form sludge. If the machine works in harsh environment, it is necessary to regularly check and clean the air vent

(3) timely replace the torque converter - transmission oil

the hydraulic transmission oil should be replaced regularly at the specified time. In case of oil deterioration, abnormal color or dirt, replace it with new oil. If the oil contains gold and on the other hand is debris, find out the cause and eliminate the fault. The filling fluid must be precipitated for more than 48h before use. When changing the oil, first run the engine for 10min, stop the engine after the oil temperature rises to 60 ℃, drain the oil in the hydraulic system (including the radiator), check whether there are foreign matters in the oil, clean (or replace) all oil filters and filters, and then drain the oil in the transmission; Then start the engine and run it for 10~20s at 1000r/min (the running time shall not exceed 30 s due to lack of lubricating oil at this time), install the oil drain plug and oil filter, and check whether the vent hole is blocked; Finally, add transmission oil through the oil filler (filter must be set), start the engine transmission to neutral gear and fill the hydraulic system. After the engine runs for 2min, add oil to the specified position

(4) the outlet temperature of the torque converter shall not exceed 120 ℃

the normal working temperature of the hydraulic transmission torque converter is 80~90 ℃. The outlet oil temperature of the torque converter shall not exceed 120 ℃. Otherwise, the machine shall be shut down to find out the cause. If there is no external reason, the engine shall be shut down and put into overhead gear to make the engine idle at 1000~1200r/min. If the oil temperature drops to the water temperature of the engine within 2~3 min, it is normal. Otherwise, the torque converter may have a fault

(5) reasonable storage

if the machine needs to be stored for more than one year, drain the oil in the torque converter, replace the oil filter, clean the filter, install the oil drain plug, mix No. 6 or 8 hydraulic transmission oil with 3% protective additive, and then add it to the transmission to the specified oil level. Put the transmission in neutral position, start the engine and run it for about 5 minutes at 1000 r/min, brake the transmission output shaft (the general method is to pull up the hand brake and step on the brake pedal. Note: at this time, the well-known material supplier Jinmin new material is not allowed to make new breakthroughs in the technology of spray free products at the front and rear of the vehicle), and accelerate the engine to raise the oil temperature to about 105 ℃ (Note: the temperature should not be exceeded); If hydraulic transmission is not installed, it can also be used for other elastic elements and small-scale mechanical performance test oil thermometer. The operation under this working condition shall not exceed 30s. When the torque converter is gradually cooled to the point where it can be touched by hands, seal all openings and air vents with damp proof adhesive tape, and then apply protective grease to all exposed unpainted surfaces of the torque converter. After storage for a period of time, if it is necessary to continue to use, just remove the sealing tape on the vent and add oil to the specified oil level, without changing the oil again

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