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On March 27th, 2018, the new product release and annual meeting of "breakthrough ・ Jufu" of meizhixuan doors and windows 2018 ended perfectly at Guangdong Yunfu Chanquan resort

on March 27, 2018, the new product release and annual meeting of "breakthrough ・ Jufu" of meizhixuan doors and windows 2018 ended perfectly at Guangdong Yunfu Chanquan resort

more than 400 leaders, guests, suppliers and dealers from all over the country of meizhixuan doors and windows were ceremoniously invited to the meeting

in the morning of the same day, the families of meizhixuan dealers came to the newly upgraded exhibition hall of meizhixuan to visit. All kinds of flat windows, sliding doors, sunshine rooms and other products made people curious. During the visit, under the explanation of the personnel from the technical department of meizhixuan, everyone learned about the advantages and characteristics of meizhixuan products

then, after a two-hour drive, the people of meizhixuan arrived at Yunfu Xinxing Xinhe aluminum factory. As one of the excellent aluminum supplier partners of meizhixuan, the people of meizhixuan also visited here this time. Xinhe aluminum staff accompanied the whole process to explain. The people of meizhixuan visited the production workshop, wood grain workshop, spraying workshop, three-dimensional warehouse, etc. to improve their understanding of the production process and manufacturing process of meizhixuan supplier Xinhe aluminum

in the afternoon, all the family arrived at the beautiful, comfortable and quiet Chanquan Resort Hotel, where the 2018 breakthrough Jufu meixuan door and window new product release and annual meeting were grandly opened. The host of the conference is Yiling (Yilin), a commercial show host who has rich hosting experience in hundreds of shows, and is honored by netizens as the "goddess of temperament". The atmosphere was very hot and full

leader's speech

at the ceremony, the chairman of meizhixuan delivered a passionate speech, in which he pointed out that in 2018, meizhixuan doors and windows will comprehensively introduce new R & D products of meizhixuan doors and windows according to the industry prospect, market demand and domestic household fashion trends, focus on the market, take consumers as the guide, follow fashion, and use scientific and effective development processes to fully mobilize the market, development Production as one of the coordination mechanism, to achieve a wide range of information, fast response, accurate development, excellent production, supply and sales of the diversified collaborative strategy, with continuous innovative design concepts. Ensure to achieve the goal and become a leading brand in the field of customized doors and windows

in 2018, meizhixuan comprehensively upgraded its modern enterprise management mode, made breakthroughs and achieved wealth accumulation. In the new year, the company has made strong exploration in the adjustment of the new organizational structure system, the revision and establishment of various rules and regulations, the new building of the talent team, the formation of the new organizational culture system, and formed a new image of the beautiful choice that is currently displayed in front of you

with this concept, in 2018, the company made a breakthrough in the development concept of "Jufu", so that the dealer partners could have better and more professional services, expand the operation scale, invest heavily in high-speed rail, anti-aircraft artillery, media, Internet and other advertising resources, expand the brand influence, comprehensively upgrade the company's exhibition hall Experience Hall, and explore a new journey of the cause of beauty choice

new product release

at the meeting, the young production director Hu Jianzhou released the new products of meizhixuan in 2018, including four categories of products: casement windows, casement doors, sliding doors and sunshine rooms. The functions and aesthetics are greatly improved on the original basis. President Hu introduced the characteristics of these new products one by one, so that the dealers here can better understand the advantages of the new products, The dealers on site said they were full of expectations for the future market of new products

brand award ceremony

witnessed by many dealers, the 2018 meizhixuan door and window brand award ceremony was also successfully held, and awards such as "top ten dealers and excellent suppliers with national sales volume" were awarded on site. The winning dealers and suppliers said that winning the award was not only an affirmation of their own ability, but also their own inspirational goals and continuous pursuit

lottery interaction

during the activity, round after round of lottery links were carried out on site, and our local tyrant style lottery! Cash red envelopes are issued directly, right! It's so direct! The winning rate of up to 80% led to continuous applause and screams from the makers, and the families who did not win the prize also received the "consolation Award"

finally, in a pleasant atmosphere, the event came to a successful conclusion! I believe that the choice of beauty will be ready to make a breakthrough in the key year 2018! Get rich and win-win with dealers and partners across the country, start a new journey, create a new height of the brand, and make meizhixuan an eternal choice for consumers




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