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In my daily visits and reports, the author clearly felt that the number of keywords such as "low carbon", "environmental protection", "green" and "health" was increasing day by day, and this eager attitude to the "low carbon" trend was more clearly reflected in product promotion

in my daily visits and reports, the author clearly felt that “ Low carbon &rdquo& ldquo; Environmental protection &rdquo& ldquo; Green &rdquo& ldquo; Health ” The number of keywords such as “ Low carbon ” The eagerness of the trend is more clearly reflected in product promotion. As the close space of people's life, the configuration products of kitchen and bathroom are the main driving force of the trend

before the Copenhagen climate conference, kitchen and bathroom enterprises talked most about how to create a sales myth under the financial crisis, but after the conference, the conversation changed, and a new gimmick of marketing in the kitchen and bathroom industry &mdash& mdash;& ldquo; Low carbon ”, It has quickly become a favorite topic in the industry. This is particularly evident in high-end kitchen and bathroom products

from Copenhagen ‘ Low carbon trend ’ It provides an opportunity for the development of kitchen and bathroom enterprises. Everyone knows the importance of this concept, but I'm afraid the thoughts are different. However, director Li of the Organizing Committee of China International cabinet, kitchen and bathroom products and Technology Expo (cikb) said through investigation: “ Unlike previous product marketing, which only focused on concept hype, in ‘ Respond to the spirit of Copenhagen conference &rsquo& lsquo; Low carbon environmental protection work ’ Behind the labels, most kitchen and bathroom products do reflect new materials, new technologies, new functions, etc& rdquo;

industry standards are not completely clear, but related products have entered real life. There is no doubt that this is the common embarrassment and weakness faced by the industry. Director Li of the cikb organizing committee said that after experiencing the pain of the financial crisis and the pain of the broken procurement chain, Chinese kitchen and bathroom enterprises are gradually moving towards maturity and rationality, and both internal technology and external design have been paid attention to. At the same time, through the reference and learning of high-end brands, Chinese kitchen and bathroom enterprises have achieved new breakthroughs in their creativity, which is in cikb’ 09 has been confirmed on the exhibits

it is understood that on Christmas Eve last year, the overall home furnishing operator canoe decoration company, including kitchen and bathroom products, followed the example of Maldivian dignitaries to hold “ Low carbon home press conference ”, And set up a low-carbon technology company to firmly establish “ Environmental citizens ” Corporate image. Wanhe, Wanjiale, vantage, Haier, Qianfeng and many other kitchen and bathroom production enterprises, as low-carbon pioneers, have also controlled the energy consumption and emissions of their products to varying degrees. The kitchen and bathroom industry “ Be environmentally friendly ” My hat was gradually thrown away

in 2010, cikb’ s kitchen and bathroom exhibition; 10 will be held at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai from September 28 to 30& ldquo; It is our common responsibility to promote kitchen and bathroom products, cultivate kitchen and bathroom brands, and promote the healthy and rational development of the industry& rdquo; Director Li of the organizing committee said, “ CIKB’ 10. It will unite responsible industry enterprises to hold ‘ Low carbon environmental protection kitchen and bathroom ’ The forum, through the organic combination with global development trends, modern life concepts, authoritative organizational structure, etc., desalinates the business color of enterprises, and comprehensively shapes and spreads kitchen and bathroom brands, so as to seek ‘ Low carbon kitchen and bathroom life ’ The real value of& rdquo;




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