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(joining the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows - Cartier doors and windows): high-end brand image is conducive to the development of enterprises, but simply playing with the brand concept is difficult to make a breakthrough in the downturn of the industry, so in the face of heavy pressure, how should aluminum doors and windows enterprises play with the brand and break through the difficulties

if you don't break it, you won't build an aluminum door and window enterprise to meet the new brand era. Door and window alliance ★ door and window agent ★ door and window investment promotion and alliance ★ top ten brands of doors and windows

the business model of aluminum door and window brand is rough and the effect is low. Door and window alliance ★ door and window agent ★ door and window investment promotion and alliance ★ top ten brands of doors and windows

in the aluminum door and window industry, the so-called brand management is actually used in just a few tricks. First, the exhibition hall is getting bigger and the decoration is, The second is to put in a large number of hard advertisements, from initially keen to participate in industrial exhibitions to later large-scale outdoor advertisements to TV advertisements. The third is to do various terminal promotion activities, which are nothing more than various forums, salons, banquets and tours that attract space designers, or numerous promotions, star support, President signing, and other moves. High price and deep discount rebate have become a popular means of brand terminal business model. All these rough tactics not only increase the operating costs, but also over promotion by all means seriously overdraw the brand credit and lowered the brand image. In a detailed calculation, a large amount of cost of brand investment is actually mainly spent on the promotion links that do not produce value to users. This cost must ultimately come from the sheep, which should be borne by consumers. What we should worry about is, Even if they can sell at a fairly good price, many brand aluminum door and window manufacturers may not be able to make money. Under the general trend of overcapacity, product homogeneity, fierce competition and information transparency, many brand enterprises are struggling with price and volume declines

the new era of brand reshuffle in the aluminum door and window industry is coming. Doors and windows join ★ door and window agents ★ door and window Merchants join ★ the top ten brands of doors and windows

at present, there are not many enterprises in the aluminum door and window industry that are really making brands. Most of the so-called brand management is just copying the business model of franchised stores, and many franchised stores of different brands can hardly see any difference. Maybe as long as you change your name, everything can be used as it is. There is no secret to this brand making mode, which is so simple, so a large number of brand enterprises that have only their appearance are being beaten back to their original shape. In this sense, now is the ideal time to be a brand. After repeated education on both sides, consumers have gradually improved their awareness, and promoted the aluminum door and window industry to move from the chaos of the yellow bell to the clean source. A real brand new era in the aluminum door and window industry is coming. The landmark stage of the industry reshuffle is to wash away a large number of backward brands of vegetarian meals, while giving birth to a number of progressiveness emerging brands, but this brand is no longer that brand, and it must be closer to the essence of commercial value from form to content

the aluminum door and window industry is too keen on promoting brands and trapped in a strange circle. The door and window alliance ★ door and window agent ★ door and window investment alliance ★ the top ten brands of doors and windows

a major drawback of the aluminum door and window industry is that it is too keen on studying the means of promotion and is fond of talking about how to deceive users into it. Therefore, it is rich in so-called marketing expert momentum building masters, while neglecting to study user needs. There are few service expert product masters in the whole industry, Even if you call yourself a product expert, in essence, it is just a gimmick to play marketing with products. You rarely think about how to do brand management based on the perspective of users, and pay little attention to the comprehensive cost, use needs, personalized preferences and emotional experience of users. In doing so, the brand will inevitably fall into a strange circle. Back and forth are just the promotion methods mentioned above. It is not a bad thing for the industry that the promotion brand management model comes to an end, If it is not broken, it will not stand. Without the decline of fake brands, there is no rise of real brands

the aluminum door and window industry simply plays with the concept, and the brand is dying fast. The door and window alliance ★ door and window agent ★ door and window investment alliance ★ the top ten brands of doors and windows

at present, many aluminum door and window enterprises are facing great pressure on the balance of production and marketing, and most of the enterprises have serious idle production capacity. Under this background, some enterprises just use the name of new brands to resolve the pressure of production capacity, and it is normal to seek a way out in difficulties, However, it is impossible to carve a boat and seek a sword. The era of extensive brand management, which aims to open more brands, seize channel resources and expand market share, has passed. This model not only makes it more difficult to attract investment, but also increases the cost of investment. On the premise of homogenization, it is bound to be highly saturated, and it is difficult to have a considerable return on business performance; Other enterprises, especially entrepreneurial enterprises with weak comprehensive strength, have illusions that they hope to rely on a new concept and a new model to achieve a brand. In particular, the Internet concept is flooded, and the psychology of opportunism is too serious. They have been worried at home and have to brag outside. Brand management that simply plays with concepts may die out faster than the first type due to poor family background. For these two kinds of enterprises that claim to be brands, branding is more likely to be a trap

Cartier doors and windows: in the future, enterprises that can gain a firm foothold in the aluminum doors and windows industry must be enterprises that pay attention to user experience, have systematic brand management thinking, and can effectively integrate resources inside and outside the industry




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